The Community of Saint Anna Welcomes You!


We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you our vision for an new ecumenical community of prayerful, compassionate single women, the Community of Saint Anna.

While all Christians are called to respond to the brokenness of the world through compassion and prayer, the Community of Saint Anna is a non-residential community of single women who dedicate themselves to this calling in a special way. We desire to witness to the compassionate and understanding presence of God through gentle listening with the ear of the heart and prayerful intercession for all. We include all people and all creation in our loving concern, without exception.

We pray that our joyful witness as members of the Community of Saint Anna and our efforts to convey hope and kindness will reveal the loving embrace of God for all.


Welcome to the Community of Saint Anna.

If you are interested in learning more about the Community of Saint Anna, please search for us on the website Monasteries of the Heart, a ministry of the Erie Benedictines.