Are beguines a religious order like sisters or nuns?

Are beguines a religious order like sisters or nuns?

How is the Community of Saint Anna like beguines and different from an order of sisters or nuns?

The members of the Community have adopted the many of the features of the beguines of the middle ages, and do not take vows like sisters or nuns.

We cherish our freedom to live independently and nurture our spirituality of compassionate listening and prayer to be increasingly united to God, our Beloved, through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Our freedom places responsibility on each member to maintain an individualized pattern of prayer and service, according to one’s circumstances, while supporting each other’s efforts. 

Just as the beguines lived without vows or institutional constraints, we, too, do not take vows in order to remain flexible to the call of the Spirit.

We are pleased that women historians and scholars have re-discovered the beguines for modern times. Our community maintains that the lifestyle adopted by the beguines offers a viable and fitting Christian vocation for many women today who are single by choice or circumstance, allowing them to be heard and strengthened in their prayer and service while giving and receiving support to one another.

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